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  • President Kessai Note in his address for the 28th Constitution Day celebration, said the people of the Marshalls should be able to have a referendum on the Constitution, according to the President's Office website:
    Quote“Last year, the Nitijela passed the Constitutional Referendum that will bring forth to every voting citizen of the Marshall Islands the right to determine whether or not to move forward with the Constitutional review,” the President said in his statement.

    President Note said that he will continue to push for the referendum to take place.

    “Whether this is the right time for a review or not is up to you. This is your Constitution and this is your choice whether to make changes to meet our domestic and global needs,” the President said.

    “Today, the Marshall Islands is proud of the many achievements since becoming independent in 1979. We have grown, in the last 28 years, to meet the demands of the global society.”

    "Promoting more information disclosure by the public service, rather than secrecy which may allow corruption to be hidden" - from Nitijela UN Workshop Outcomes Statement, Feb. 17, 2011
  • People have strongly emphasized that they want our leaders to make some changes to our constitution and it is more than prudent that our leaders grant them their wish.

    President NoteWhether this is the right time for a review or not is up to you. This is your Constitution and this is your choice whether to make changes to meet our domestic and global needs,” the President said.

    Why wouldn't it be the right time when the surveys that were done strongly points out that the people want it. There is no conspiracy Mr. President, why the doubt?

    QuoteLet us continue to promote peace and democracy. Let us continue to be accountable and transparent to ourselves and to the international community.

    We are indeed a peaceful people and 28 or so years ago we voted to break away from the TT. We wanted to have our own government and to become a sovereign people or nation, but most importantly we wanted democracy. The democracy that we have today is the kind that condemns people when they critcize the government and elected leaders (COC condemnation hearing). "Freedom of Speech is limited," they said. Past and recent government action have revealed the leaders are quite the contradiction to the principles they fervently preach but do not practice: Accountability, Transparency, Good Governance. We lost more than a million dollar thru an unauthorized investment transaction, nothing was done. When there are discussions within the Nitijela that clearly shows things that the government is doing wrong, the majority of party affiliated members turn off the live feed being aired via the radio station so figures out what's what is going on. And people have risen up many times to speak against and to stop the government's intention to establish a floating dry dock facility, and yet the issue keeps resurfacing just when the people thought they had defeated it.

    We've told the international community that we are a peace loving people and we want peace for all, yet some of our votes in the UN contradict what we maintain...Most especially when we voted in favor of the Israel government's endeavor to put up enclosed certain part of that country with a giant barricading wall. That vote did not promote peace it add fuel and entensifies the hatred and fight between Israel and the Palestinians. The Majority of US general assembly voted agaist it. RMI and 1 or 2 other countries voted for it.

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