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  • Some have seen my old post about the Marshallese Bibles we had for sale for $6 each. Those were the original Bibles translated in the late 1800's by the first missionaries. We had a total of 12,000 of those printed, and we do not have any more.

    However, we now have in stock a new printing of 2000 Bibles. This is the same Bible but with three changes:
    1) It is complete. We translated Jeremiah through Malachi from Hebrew into Marshallese.
    2) We updated the spelling to follow the Marshallese-English Dictionary, which spelling the MOE has adopted.
    3) We made some revisions where necessary due to archaic or not understood expressions. We also added a few tables and footnotes.
    This is not the new Bible which was translated somewhat recently from the Good News Bible.

    This Bible is black hardcover and is available. Contact dutter at
    for more info.

    We also have a free electronic (pdf) version available for download at

    E mat Bible me kim ar printe mokta, ak printing in ej ejja Bible wot, ijoke, ewor spelling kaal, kab emoj kobaik book ko me raar jako (Jeremaia lok nan Malakai), im kim ar ukot jet jikin me e kar pen an armej melele mokta.

    dutter at
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