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    1.Kevinson Adde ( LIKIEP)
    2.Freedy Abbiang (Wotje)
    3.Willis Zackarias: (Majuro)
    4.Kalimart Jello: (Jaluit)
    5.Kakka: Likiep
    6.Jomar D Pen Cruz(ArnoII)
    7.Richie Tarkij: Namidik
    8.Rodney Mckay: Namidik
    9.Ben: Majuro
    10.Blue Jabot.
    4 pm Door Open
    5pm: Indroduction of the Players Name and Atolls Represent: Including KAUTUT by MORIBA GIRLS for Ratak Players and Full Gospel Youth Girls for Ralik Players: Director of The Hoopla Shoot Out: JB
    5;15: US National Anthem
    5:25: RMI National Anthem: Jukko
    5;30: Moment of Silent; Pay Tribute and Respect to one of the "Leroj" in Ralik/Ratak not only Leroj but Kora in Rikaki ilo Mour in Jetob: Mary Jonni Anjolok:
    5:45: Opening Prayer: Rikaki: Adlbert Laukon
    6:00Pm: Naan in Kojereman e All Stars 2012 jen RMI Consulate Office:Honorable Carmen Chongum
    6:15: Game Tip Off!

    3 Points Contest: Sponsored by Ri
    Juon ikurre jidikdik jen juon Group!

    Lo Komwoj ijen: YOUTH CENTER!

    It was really a Shoot Out..It was an Offensive and of Course..Running Game...not zone! Game;;;Captain of The Ratak Team;Freddy Laikilep Abbang out of Wotje (5-0) proved to the Committe,to all 157 Participants in the Summer Ralik/Ratak Hoopla League..36 ALL STARS..and All Fans that ,, beyond the reasonable doubt he Can fill the Shoes own by Ratak Captain: Stanton Iban who was out of State along with 2 other Ratak Stars...Tomeing Tomeing and Daniel Tomeing,,(His Cousins)..Captain Freddy was honored by 3 individual awards and a Team Champion Award...Maybe a new record for All Marshallese Basketball Player..Play in a SINGLE all kind of all league or a Tournment even a MAY DAY..HE WON..3 point Contest;;award sponsored by Anliagee Abin and Ri Majol.Com..MVP award..Sponsored by "Oregon Marshallese Community"..A medal necklace Award by Hoopla Committee..and then the Tittle Contest award sponsored by Arkansas Coalation of Marshallese!

    Again Thank You Sponsors and Congrulation to All Players.

    It was all Ratak in the first Quarter..led by Nolan Hiram..also the second quarter..Nolan Hiram extended the lead when he was hot like the Microwave..when you Cook a over Cook T Bone...In the Second Half or about 6 minute into 3rd Quarter..Nolan was on a like Jet Plane..over a Ralik Player..and landing on his left elbow...and knockdown to the move at all..less than 5 minutes. he.was escorted out of Court by his listed as questionable for 4th quarter...All of a sudden with surprise..he back to floor..Ralik Team. Call for a Quick Time Out..then put 3 Namidik Local Perimeter Sharp Shooters( Reggie Tarkij,Josten Peter and Yukio Benjamin) labor them with 2 big men from Jabot..Andy and Dillion..It was a a good Idea..because all three..Dial from Long Distance..2- 3points by Reggie Tarkij , two by Josten Peter and one by Yukio Peter..The Game is very Close..but Captain Freddy Of Ratak Call for an Emergengey Time Out..Put All Small men on Floor..and Confusing the Ralik Captain Big Andy and Big Dillion..It was very fun to Watch..because it about the real Story..and Message of The David vs Golliath of the Palistine..Joemar of Arno,Roger Of Majuro,Sander Of Majuro,Mickel Of Majuro and Kijidik of Majuro..Roger of Majuro..entertaining the Fans by duplicating the Slam Dunk that intiated by DR J..and only Michael Jordan and Clyde to Clyde know how do make it a..Slam Dunk from the Free Throw wasn;t really a Dunk but Near and Almost;;;Fredy enter the Game a Contribute 16 points,follow by Nolan and Alex 12,Joemar 10 and Rodray 8..all others got points..Team Ralik led by Captain Andy Andrew..10 Points,Josten 7,Blue 5,Dust 5..all others score..Thank..Photos will be post later on.
  • Up to Date of the Game played on Wednesday 26,2012!

    BACK FROM ALL STARS GAME!! Likiep 4-1 vs Jabot 4-1!
    2 of the best Team and second to Wotje on the winning columm 5-0..They are 4-1..prior to the Tip Off!

    Was it Fair? Yup..both Team missing their Super Stars and First Team All Hoopla..Andy Andrew of Jabot and Nolan Hiram..but still there were several Stars running the Show..Jabot got Jonjon,Blue,Dusty Fletcher..and a new arrival(Jashoua. from the.Former Team Bako of Texas Consider their Public Enemy Number One{ Youngester} )..While Likep loaded with,Pat,Fruitty,Bobby,Rodray and Alex..among the Stars..Pat of Likep put lots of Marker on the Board..Come up with 10 points,Cassidy and Bobby each got 8 and Gagga "SON" and Rodray 6 each..Fruitty 3.

    Lossing Team..Jabot was led by Dusty 8,Jashua and Fletcher 6 and Jonjon 5..Result: Jabot 4-2 and Likiep 5-1:
  • ARNO II Over JALUIT;;;Into six Game of the Season..and right after the Ralik/Ratak All Stars Game..and game Played on Friday July 27,2012..Arno II All Star JoeMar..Pena D Cruz..once again show the Fans Why is be Participate in The All Stars game and First 5..on the Ratak Roster..and selected to be first five by Ratak Captain Freddy Abbang..In the game between his Team and Jaluit Team..he Contributed 16 points..his Career High in The Tournment..follow by Lattu 9 Points,Quddus 8 and Namidik Local Product Robinson Leander who was play for Arno..because of his Team Jaluit was led by James 10 and kalimart 8...Jaluit All Star..and one of The Ralik All Star in..Starting line up,(Thompy Alik)..was playing with a limited Time due to the..Angle..he re-injury..As for now..Arno: 4-2..Jaluit 2-4:
  • Up to Date of Game between Erkup vs Namidik!Played on July 30,2012

    Erkup demolished Namidik!
    Erkup 2 All Stars..Tomeing Tomeing and Daniel Tomeing back to Springdale,AR;; It was on of the Game..Everybody involved..Refrees,Players and the Fans..Erkup led all of the Game..and widdening the margin by 10 points..but Namidik..Sandwiched it over to a littele space..with a running Play...They Close the game within one and a Money Ball..was 3 point for them to win..But Erkup run away with the "W"..Erkup new Arrival Tyler Michael of Springfield Mizzou..led Erkup with 16 points..including 3 assisted..on a Shot Gun his point Guard and Wideout .,,,Daniel Tomeing..for a easy two..Erkup All Stars Daniel Tomeing second in Scoring behind his Counterpart...Tyler Michael...Lawi Dial from Long Distance and got 3 points..Loosing Team Namidik led by Yukio..16 points..As for now;;Erkup 3-3 and NDK..2-4:
  • Score of the Game between Majuro and Wotje!..Majuro:2-4 and Wotje: 6-0: Game Played on July 31,2012

    Freddy "Lakilep LaBig" Abbang..Super Star in The Ralik/Ratak All Star Game..who also won the MVP award and RI Majol.Com three Point Award..Show the Fans..that it wasn;t A FLUKE...In his Resume..he got two Tittles from two MAY Springdale,Arkansas USA...A ring from Team Bako..2010,and A Ring From Team Kansas..2012..That Amazing..In a Regent Game Playing Aganist Team Majuro after The All Star Break Week..He led Team Wotje with 18 Points..Most of the points..coming from his wing sites..and two of the Threes..from top of The Key..Freddy who was a Captain of Winning Ratak Team in The All Star Game..Play with Wotje Captain..and leading Scorer in The Hoopla Tournment..Another First Team All Hoopla..Stanton Iban...who also Contributed 8 points equiplement to his Cousin From Mizzou Points also 8..Team Majuro put 3 Stars on the Starting Michael,Sander and Josen Kijidik..But Josen was on a Street Cloth..and he Coached The Team..While..Sander exit early for Family Matter..An Unexpected Majuro Player by the Name of Mabini..led Team Majuro with10 points.;;Againist;;WOTJE is Still Perfect: 6-0

    WOTJE: 6--0
    LIKEP: 5-1
    Arno II: 4-2
    JABOT: 4-2
    Arno I: 3-2
    Erkup: 3-3
    Jaluit: 2-4
    Namidik: 2-4
    Majuro: 2-4;

    KABINMET is Still in Question!
  • UP to Date Toward 7 game..NAMIDIK/ ARNO I: Game Played August 2,2012

    Richie Tarkij vs Bryan Gideon..Star vs Star..Namidik vs Arno I;;Namidik Star Richie Tarkij Scored 15 points to lead his team over Arno I..Arno led by Star Bryan Gideon 14 points follow by Nickloas..13;;;Standing; Arno: 3-3..Namidik;;3-4

    ARNO II vs JABOT;;Super Star Andy vs All Star JoMar Delpno D CRUZ:..Jabot won..A new Arrival by the Name of Jashoua..was Vital in the Game..lot s of break away connection long distance pass..from Andy to Jashoua..just like..YOUNGESTER Connection...Jabot led by both Andy and Jashoua..each got 9 points follow by Fletcher 8...Arno II led by his Team Captain and All Star Jomar D Cruz with16 points.;;Jabot: 5-2 and ArnoII: 4-3:

    Karon aolep only 6 Team Play Off!

    This Coming Friday August 24,25,2012:

    Namidik 4-5 vs Wotje: 9-0
    Jaluit: 4-5 vs Likiep: 8-1
    Arno II; 5-3 vs Jabot: 7-2:

    Jouij im itok im aloje play off 2012: Kom kanoj in emmol:
  • Bok ien in im Kamolol Anij..kin juon League eo im emoj an dedelok: Ikonan barenwot bok ien in ilo etan Rikurre ro;;Im lelok Kamolol nan Rein;;enwot ilo ami jiban ilo jaberwot wewein..bwe league eo en Tobrak..ilo Regular Season eo..koba All Star Game eo: Moktata bar juon alen Kamolol Anij..kien Karuo..Kamolol net work ko ruo rar komane jerbal ko aer..ilo aer up to Date Games ko..Yokwe Net im Ri Majol.Com..Komro likun emmol..Anij en kojerman jerbal kien amiro..elaptata Family ko amiro im ro jeram im mottaim ro;; Ikonan barenwot bok ien in im bar enwot kamolol..Marshallwese Full Gospel.Church..under Rikaki Justin Latdik and Rikaki: Neiam Kadu..kin jiban ko ami rellap ilo amiro kar letok equipment ko nan kojerbal nan tournment in..kab naan in Jar elaptata nan kojereman ien in..JJuon naan in bar kamolol..nan..Kora in Pa Emman Kabijer iumin tel an Valen Lokkobol and Patercia..koba leddik in Youth ro kin kar Sandwich ko kom ar keboje..ilo Opening Cermony eo an League in:;;Special kamolol nan Likao ro jen Mon Jar in adwoj kin jiban ko jet..Deacon Otty Keju and Oppy..koba Likao ro jet...Brother Justin Latdik kin naan ko an Jerbal in nan Out reach youth rtein elikin Game; Special Kamolol nan honorable Carmen Chongum kin naan in kojerman kar league in..Kamolol..nan Office eo an Mayor eo an Springdale barenwot President eo an ACCOM,Ms Melisa Lalean bar enwot..Mona Kabua Maddision jen manit..kin part ko ami ilo cermony in; Special Kamolol Nan Atbi Riklong kin an Kar Tel Cermony in;Special Kamolol nan Joseph Timos kin an bok ijo kunaan im jiban bar enwot boktok refree nan game kien..Kamolol Likao ro rar jiban refree game kien;;Kamolol barenwot nan Business kien;;Ponape Store,2 case water,Islander Store,Yen Stotre..posted the Kojjela..Wal Mart Store 25 dollar gift Certificate;;Elaptata nan parent ro an Rikurre rein kom kanoj in emmol..Nan All Stars Game eo..Special Kamolol nan Jikko;;Key Board nan Marshallese National Anthem;;Missy Kun;;led the Leddik in Youth Kautut..Ralik All Stars...Carolynn Alik..led Moriba Kautut..Ratak All Stars..Kamolol Brother Adlbert laukon..ilo an kar kwalok ke emonono in kar itok ak ear call tok im ba enaj utamwe..Kamolol Rikaki Justin Latdik...Kamolol nan Baby Girl..eo jen Family eo an Ri Majol.Com kin an kar Presented e Award eo an 3 point eo..barenwot award eo jen Family net work eo an Ri Majol.Com,..President David Anitok..and OMC kin aer kar bar Sponsored e MVP Award eo..barenwot..President Melisa Lalelan Shoniber im ACCOM kin Award eo an kar winner eo an All Stars Game eo:;;; Kamolol elaptata nan ro rejako ilo Kamolol in ak ejelok juon enaj bed likin mieo. You Guys all HOOPLA and All Awsome: Rainin ikonan Kwalok nan kom won ro kio im rebed ilo jet Catogories ekkar nan Tobrak in Ikkure ko: Report in Money enaj itok elik..elikin Play Off In:

    First Team All Hoopla! ak Rikuree im RENAJ AO fRONT lINE!

    1. Stanton Iban: Wotje
    2.Nolan Hiram: Likep
    3.Andy Andrew: Jabot
    4.Freddy Laikilep: Wotje
    5.Joemar Dela C Pena: Arno II

    second Team and Third will be announce later!

  • Nan Aolep Team ko rej Play Off!..Mottan wot 3 TeamS; Wotje: 9-0: Likiep: 8-1 im Arno II: 6-3: Today enaj: Likiep ibben Arno II;; Winner enaj Face Wotje: on Saturday:

    Jej aikwij komane bwe en dedelok: Inaj Likit Springdale AR: im etal nan West Coast Monday or Tuesday Next Week:


    Arno I---------------:$20 (Pay by Lojokki); Arno Player Brian Refree the Game: iar jiban kin 20 dollars
    Likiep: 45.00
    Wotje: 45.00
    Jabot: 60.00
    Jaluit: 55.00
    Arno II: 55.00
    Majuro: 40.00
    Erkub: 25.00
    Namidik: 45:00;
    Ailin ko kojab lo etaer ijin ak kojela ke rar jab komman ekwe..kojela ke rar jab komman! Jonan Tobrak eo ear walok ej:

    $ 315.00:

    Spending: $ 210: nan rent e..Youth Center: jen 4pm-10:30 pm..botab 10.00 ear bar extend for 30 more minutes; 5$ jen Likiep im 5 dollar jen: Jokki.
    Basketball Equipments; Basketball eo FREE;;jen Sporting Company: Uniform,Scorebook and the whistle;;rar discount: tottal 36.00$. Sandwich ko..Kora in Full Gospel rarkomani..40.00$..Spray collors ko..7.00..ebar wor mendikdik WUT ko Utin All Stars ro 14.35$ US Flag eo 9.99 $..ak inaj bar ba tok elik..for spending: 36$+40$+ 7$+14.35+9.99+ Award eo an Armij eo ear itok im bok jikin Mayor eo:Jet kien men jar wiaiki:

    Estimate Total Spending: 317$..ejab likun figure eo ne ak ij tomak..ebwe ami melele;;won eo ejorren;;Jolok bwod ibben Full Gospel Church:;;kin Equipment ko adwoj enwot..Speaker..extension cord ko,Table ko kab Chairs ko adwoj jar kojerbali. ilo Free;;enin ej only the estimate report;;Jolok Bwod jino..kin kar advice eo am tok ke iar emakit jen Oregon kwar ba in jab koman emakit rot kien bwe;;elak wor eo inaj jorren;;ak ijab watok kio..bwe Anij ej Yokwe kij ij Bar Yokwe Aolep;;ejelok ao ri kojdat bwe ij juon an ri jerbal.

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