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  • WUTMI's recent letter to the Speaker conveys disappointment over the lack of action on the Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection bill, while at the same time, the Nitijela members were passing less worthy legislation.

    In spite of promises to World, UN, and international treaties, Human Rights Convention, etc., the RMI is not moving forward on this issue, leading the WUTMI letter saying Nitijela is known to "SET it, and then, FORGET it."

    Excerpt from Letter...In 2006 the government ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discriminations Against Women, CEDAW, to address gender equality issues in the country. While government has signed onto these and many other agreements, its follow-through and implementation of the many commitments contained in these agreements has been weak. This has led to some in our community describing the Nitijela as a “set it and forget it” body...

    ... But by failing to pass the bill, the Nitijela is (in effect) making it harder for us to help you keep your promises.

    ....Domestic violence is not just a women’s issue – it is a national issue and it is a human rights issue. But by failing to pass this critical legislation, the Nitijela has sent a very clear message to the Marshallese people and the world: the Nitijela considers the prevention of domestic violence as simply a low-priority issue...


    "Promoting more information disclosure by the public service, rather than secrecy which may allow corruption to be hidden" - from Nitijela UN Workshop Outcomes Statement, Feb. 17, 2011
  • Kammolol Anij jemed ilan kin mour im ejmour. Bar einwot kammolol elap kin Marshall Islands. Ikonan kwalok ao erra 1,000,000% ilo letter ne an WUTMI ikijen naan ne ej ba Nitijela is known to "Set it, and then, Forget it". Kin men in: jemaron ke kajitok iben Hon. Speaker Jacklick ne emaron jouij im kwalok non public aolepen KAKIEN kane an Nitijela jen yio lon lon ko lok jen jinouin an ejaak RMI Government non rainin im emoj aer kar webben im lak moj, Nitijela emelokloki...SET THEM, AND THEN, FORGET THEM. Jouij im jab nooj juon bwe eor an public right in jela. Ne eor ikijen Social Security ak ijoko jet, ekwe jouij im kwaloki. Ij boklon tak Social Security moktata kinke, na ij bok ao mour jen e im ebar lon ro rej bar bok aer mour jen e ak jej ron im lo ilo news ke emaron in JAKO jet yio jen kio. Kommol tata Mr. Speaker ilo wot kauitej.
  • Kili imaan men otemjej Iroij!
    Majol elap concern wot ilo ta ko raurok im UN ear set e jet iaan goal ko nae etan Millenium Development Goal (MDG) Gender equality ej juon iaan indicator ko em ej bed iumin specialized agent Department of Health (DOH) Ewor juon ak ruo ako lonlak emaron ke uaak e kajjitok in ao elane elap an kien likit issue in kin human's right ilo aolep jabdrewot kain form in domestic kab national im international threat, ta ko rej mottan first list in priority ko an kien ijjelak in infrastructure im environmental concern ko jet in compensation nan ta ko remootlak im rar walok nan armij in majol?
  • They were too busy passing the "Seat Belt Law" while Majuro General hospital was flooding cuz of heavy rains. What's next?

    "Don't Text & Drive"?

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    Ejamin ko bao in Lokejlat, an ko wot mij!
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