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  • Yokwe Online carried news out of Majuro from the President's Office about the trip to Honolulu by President Loeak and First Lady, Minister in Assistance Tony deBrum and delegation which expected to meet with Hawaii's Governor.

    "Marshall Islands' President to Discuss Compact Impact Issues in Hawaii"
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    Several other news media picked up our coverage, including Pacific Islands Report (PIR):
    Loeak to meet Gov. Abercrombie, Marshallese community"

    Honolulu Civil Beat went one step further, not only carrying our link and quoting our article, but checking out the news with the Governor's Office:
    "Marshall Islands Prez to Talk COFA With Abercrombie"

    QuoteA Micronesian news outlet has this item about a presidential delegation from the Republic of the Marshall Islands planning to meet with Gov. Neil Abercrombie in Honolulu to discuss issues relating to the Compact of Free Association.

    A spokeswoman for the governor said the administration is working to make time for the RMI delegation this week. Abercrombie has urged the federal government to help Hawaii pay for costs incurred to help Micronesians living in the islands.

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