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  • A new textbook, Etto nan Raan Kein, hot off of Hawaii's Bess Press, traces the history of the Marshall Islands, with "a Marshallese perspective in addition to foreign accounts."

    Etto nan Raan Kein: A Marshall Islands History text is a first draft of what will become "a more Marshallese-centered representation of life and events that are significant to the people of the Marshall Islands," said author Julianne Walsh.

    This Virtual Town Hall Discussion Forum, established by request, hopes to encourage feedback about the first edition and will allow for contributions from the community members and cultural experts.

    Walsh If readers find errors, omissions, etc., they can post them on the discussion forum at The comments will be available and achived online for revisions when it's time for a 2nd edition.

    Read article -- Etto nan Raan K…se Perspective

    Get the book at Bess Press --> Etto nan Raan K…slands History

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  • To comment, you have to read the book. The cost is $63.71, plus shipping.

    Suggest RMI MOE initially buy a few copies for school libraries and then ask knowledgable folks to take turns borrowing and submitting comments.

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    “I hope the signing of the LUA (Land Use Agreement) allows the Government of the Marshall Islands more time to focus on the biggest issues it faces – how to raise the level of education and health of the Marshallese people and how to create an economy that will be stable after direct US funding ends in 2023.”
    US Ambassador to the Marshall Islands Martha Campbell, as quoted by MI Journal, 13 May 2011, pg 4
  • $63.71 is more expensive then The Avengers and Thor 3D BLue Ray DVDs combined, I'm talking about 3D people! I'm sure it contain color pictures and some kind of autograph from our SOE on it if its that expensive!
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