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Contributed by YokweOnline on Sep 22, 2012 - 01:06 AM

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Marshall Islands men’s and women’s basketball teams are competing in the Micronesian Basketball Open Tournament in Guam from September 23 to 29, 2012.

Most of the players on the women's team are "making their first appearance in a regional tournament." Only three have previous tournament experience.

Stacy 'Lulu' Lejjena and Antoinette 'Tonaj' Langmos, who represented the RMI on its national women's team at the 2010 Micronesian Games,
arrived back in Marshalls last month to help train the team.

The women's team is coached by Paul Kattil and Pat Anjain.

The complete women’s roster: Alphia ‘Nebwin’ deBrum, Faith Luann Lang, Antoinette Emili ‘Tonaj’ Langmos, Stacy ‘Lulu’ Lejjena, Lucy Lejkab, Molena Bertha deBrum Louis, Darcyann Muller, Carline Rilang, Maya Sam, Tatyana Sharilynn Samson and Neri Wase.

The men’s team, coached by Thomas Heine and Mouj Lewi, is "heavy on veterans with Micro Game experience, with a few new faces in the mix."

The complete men’s roster: Wayne Anjain, Rog ‘Laburoro’ Bien, Bolear Bokna, Noah Kabua, Willis ‘Mokku’ Lamille, Jeffery ‘Taule’ Loeak, Nathaniel ‘Baby’ Lometo, Yuuzi ‘Lajji’ Maddison, Kyle ‘Bolet’ Paul, Keoki Pinho, Frederick ‘Nao’ Shoniber and Schuyler ‘Melu’ Wase.

The teams, organized by the Marshall Islands Basketball Federation, are supported financially by the RMI government and many local business and local government sponsors.

The revised scheduled, announced Thursday September 20, has RMI teams playing on the following days/times at the UOG Fieldhouse (note: on some days, two courts are in use at the same time):

Sunday 9/23

2pm Guam Jr. Team v RMI Men

4pm RMI v Guam Jr. Team Women


Monday 9/24

5pm RMI v Pohnpei Men

9pm Chuuk v RMI Men


Tuesday 9/25

7pm RMI v Guam Men

7pm RMI v Univ of Guam Women


Wednesday 9/26

5pm Yap v RMI Men

8pm Guam v RMI Women

9pm Palau v RMI Men


Thursday 9/27

No RMI games


Friday 9/28 (playoffs start)

6pm #1 v #4 Women

6pm #2 v #3 Women

8pm #1 v #4 Men

8pm #2 v #3 Men


Saturday 9/29

10am Loser G1 v Loser G2 Men Bronze

12pm Loser G1 v Loser G2 Women Bronze

2pm Winner G1 v Winner G2 Men Gold

4pm Winner G1 v Winner Ge Women Gold

- Rep. of the Marshall Islands Basketball Federation, Majuro, Marshall Islands

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