Articles: Taiwan Commemorates 101st National Day with Allies in Majuro

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In celebration of the 101st National day of the Republic of China, the Embassy of ROC (Taiwan) hosted a reception on the evening of 5 October 2012 at International Conference Center (ICC), Majuro.

Guests attending the reception included the H.E. President Christopher Loeak and First Lady, Hon. Speaker Donald Capelle, Hon. Minister and Mrs. Phillip Muller, Hon. Minister in Assistance to the President Tony deBrum, Vice Speaker Tomaki Juda, other cabinet members, members of Nitijela and all the cherished friends of the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy.

The reception began with national anthems of the RMI and the ROC (Taiwan) and the remarks given by H.E. Ambassador George T.K. Li and RMI Minister deBrum, Local Taiwanese ladies and friends of the overseas Taiwanese community impressed the audience by performing 4 dances with their elegance and beauty.

Shortly before the dinner was served, Ambassador Li, President Loeak and Foreign Minister Muller, jointly cut the birthday cake for ROC, congratulating its 101st birthday.

Also, guests from the RMI side, led by H.E. President Loeak and First Lady, cabinet ministers, senators, government officials and friends of the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy, sang the famous Marshallese song “Ien Emman” (good time) to entertain all the guests attending the reception.

- ROC (Taiwan) Embassy Majuro, Marshall Islands 

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