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 The 101st National day of the Republic of China was commemorated in Majuro, Marshall Islands, earlier this month with a reception hosted by the Taiwan Embassy. Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) President Christopher J. Loeak attended the event before leaving for Taiwan.

By invitation of President Ma Ying-jeou, President Loeak, the only head of state invited amongst Republic of China’s (ROC) diplomatic allies, led a delegation to participate in the commemorations of the 101st Anniversary of the founding of the ROC.

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Delegation included First Lady Loeak, Iroij Heltera Hermios of the Council of Iroij, Foreign Minister Muller and Mrs. Muller, Mayor Samuel, Majuro Atoll Local Government Executive Director Kaisha, Mrs. Rosina Korean and staff members from the Office of the President and the Majuro Atoll Local Government.

Celebrations kicked off on the morning of October 10, concluding with spectacular performances, showcasing ROC’s unique and vibrant identity. His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou, in his National Day address focused on these critical pillars 1) Eliminating investment barriers and increasing job opportunities, 2) Defending sovereignty and fishing rights, and promoting regional peace, 3) Solidifying democracy and the rule of law, while enhancing the development of cross-strait relations, and 4) Taiwan’s resurgence.
President Loeak and delegation held audience with His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou on October 11, to which President Loeak expressed his and that of the people of the Republic of the Marshall Islands appreciation for ROC’s continued support in numerous areas of cooperation. President Loeak also expressed his utmost sincere gratitude at seeing the RMI’s flag fly alongside the ROC’s Flag, and informed His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou that the RMI is undertaking preparatory work  to host the next Pacific Islands Forum and associated meetings in 2013 in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and is looking forward to receiving a delegation from ROC.

Prior to meeting with His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou, President Loeak attended the handover of the MV Tobolar in Keelung city, just north-east of Taipei city. The MV Tobolar, previously registered to the Keelung city residents as the Hai Fu.  The Hai-Fu was a research vessel of COA and is now undergoing modifications as a cargo vessel to provide essential service to the outer islands in the Marshall Islands to augment the services of the other two new vessels from the Government of Japan now under construction.

Speaking on behalf of President Loeak, Minister Muller thank the government and people of ROC highlighting ROC’s many contributions in fisheries, agriculture, alternative energy, and other areas of cooperation between the two countries. Minister Muller emphasized that this relationship with ROC is not unilateral, but it is a partnership and friendship that both countries benefit from. Minister Muller reiterated that the Marshall Islands will continue to fully support ROC to become a member of the United Nations and other international bodies.

President Loeak also met with the 26 Marshallese students and nurses that are currently studying and training in Taiwan. The students informed President that the ROC scholarship is insufficient to support their living because of the increased cost of living in ROC. President Loeak reminded them that this concern was brought up the last time he was in ROC, and informed the students that financial support will be available once agreements have been met by Marshall Islands and KOO’s Company.

Both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of the Marshall Islands have made Presidential and other high level visits to both capitals since establishment of diplomatic relations in 1998.  President Loeak and delegation are returning to the Marshall Islands on October 16.

- RMI Office of the President, Majuro, Marshall Islands

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