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Articles: Marshall Islands Celebrates International Women’s Day

Contributed by YokweOnline on Mar 15, 2013 - 08:11 PM

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To mark International Women’s Day, a ceremonial program was organized by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the International Women’s Day coordinating committee at Delap Park on Saturday, March 9, 2013. First Lady Lieom Anono Loeak delivered the keynote address, expressing felicitation to women for their dedicated services towards society and for preserving and encouraging cultural heritage and custom.

This year’s theme was “The Gender Agenda; Gaining Momentun”. The translation is “Eluokne”, which came from the Language Commission Office, meaning; Ewor Toprak, Emman Koto, Innem Jen Wonmanlok Wot (goals have been achieved, support is strong, let us proceed further).

Speaking on the occasion, First Lady Loeak stated that International Women’s Day is observed throughout the world on March 8, every year, to celebrate the economic, social, and political, achievements of women. She thanked neighboring countries and friends who were present and for taking part in the activities that took place after the program.

“We need to keep working together to make progress and move forward,” said First Lady Loeak. She said that women have made tremendous progress since the First International Women’s Day, such as, the right to vote, equal access to healthcare and education, but still in many countries, women struggle for even the basic of these rights.

“A lot more can be done,” stated First Lady Loeak. She was proud to note the Domestic Violence and Protection Act 2011 that was passed by Nitijela (Parliament), outlawing domestic violence and violence against women, and the ratification of CEDAW.

“I wish to ask all of us that we rededicate ourselves to the work ahead towards our common goals and objectives to bringing contributions of women to our nation building efforts,” said First Lady.

The International Women’s Day activities started with a marching parade from College of the Marshall Island to Delap Park, where the ceremonial program took place. Friends from neighboring countries, residing on Majuro, participated in all activities, including field games, demonstrations, among others.

Photo: First Lady Lieom Anono Loeak delivering Keynote Address on the occassion of International Women's Day at Delap Park - RMI Office of the President, Majuro, Marshall Islands
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