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Articles: Report: Coastal Inundation of Majuro, Marshall Islands

Contributed by YokweOnline on Jun 25, 2013 - 10:45 PM

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On June 25, 3013,  extremely high tides combined with 6 to 8 feet surfs caused coastal inundation of up to 2 feet along the south facing shores of Majuro. Meteorologist-in-Charge Reginald White submitted the following report:

During the highest tide (around 6:00 a.m. ) the sea began to inundate the southeast to the southwest parts of Majuro. The saltwater breached the coastal roadways and littered them with debris. 

Photos - Climate Change Battering Islands: Majuro Inundation

The salt water receded around 7 a.m., but left numerous, small rocks and other debris on the coastal roadways and near living quarters on the southeast to southwest parts of Majuro.   The arrival of the long period swells caused 6 to 8 feet surfs that coincided with the 6:00 a.m. extremely high tide contributed to the coastal inundation in Majuro.

    Southeast to Southwest Parts of Majuro,

WSO Majuro


   None known at this time


  •     The cement seawall that protects the runway broke in four places and debris were strewed all over the runway causing United to over-fly Majuro until all the debris were cleared off the runway..
  •     Salt water may have contaminated the rain water that was on the south side of Majuro airport catchment area.
  •     Damage to pigpens and other small wooden houses
  •     Many parts of the road were flooded under one to two feet of salt water.
  •     All affected areas are littered with debris.
  •     Some residential houses evacuated until the water subsided.
  •     The road at the end of the RSA project site at the end of the runway was damaged and stopped traffic for two hours.
  •     Many homes suffered water damage.

  None for these locations

    Special Weather Statement Issued at 10am local time advising residents to be alert and make preparation to minimize property damage during the next two days.  Special Weather Statement states that coastal inundation is likely fo the next few days (This evening, Wednesday and Thursday)

 None were issued


  •     WSO staff conducted site visits from Delap to the Weather Station during the event: 5am to 6:30am.
  •     The Ministry of Public Works took charge in clearing the roadways of debris.
  •     Chief Secretary and Disaster Committee met to coordinate emergency responders activities.

    All systems were operational.


  •     Emergency managers and responders assisted in the road clearings and plans to evacuate local residents in breached areas of Delap, and Long Island. Emergency shelters will be set up in Rita schools and Delap as needed.
  •     The Office of the Chief Secretary and staff coordinated with WSO in accordance with the Disaster Plan.
  •     Numerous Calls were received at the WSO from individuals seeking weather information and advise regarding evacuations and shelters.

- RMI Office of the President, Majuro, Marshall Islands

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