Transcripts of Compact Hearing Testimonies

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On July 17, the Full Committee on Resources held an oversight hearing on the Compacts of Free Association. Testimony was heard from Peter T.R. Brookes, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of Defense; David B. Cohen, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Insular Affairs, Department of the Interior; Albert V. Short, Chief Compact Negotiator, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State; Susan S. Westin, Managing Director, International Affairs and Trade, GAO; Peter Christian,Chief Negotiator, Federated States of Micronesia and Gerald M. Zackios, Compact Negotiator, Republic of Marshall Islands. The Hearing introduction was given by the Resource Committee's ranking Democrat, US Rep. Nick J Rahall.

Transcripts of tje testimonies are now available along with a brief review of key comments.

Kwajalein Negotiation Commission: Abõnõnõ eo an Armij in Kwajalein

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(Marshallese Version of "The Plea of Kwajalein Landowners")

Ewor jidrik lõkabokbok ibben armij in Majõl ikijien aer melele kin abañ im eñtan ko an landowner ak armij ro aer ailin in Kwajalein. Lõkabokbok in ej itok jen an jabwe melele ibben armij kin tumulalin abañ im eñtan kein eto aer bed ibben armij in Kwajalein jen yio ko maantak ñan rainin, im ejañin jimwe im jejet namejler. Kõtõbar eo in ej ñan kemramlok armij in Majõl ekoba armij in America im aolep armij in lal in kin jerbal in ejjab jejet im jimwe nae armij in Kwajalein im rar jorren jene iumwin 50 ak eloñlok yio ko.

DOWNLOAD the entire report from Yokwe Onilne yDownloads: Marshallese Version: The Plea of Kwajalein Landowners

Unarmed Minuteman missile launched in reliability test

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Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. (AP July 18, 2002)

An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully launched early Wednesday. It lifted off at 1:30 a.m. PDT and about 30 minutes later its two re-entry vehicles hit Pacific Ocean targets 4,200 miles from Vandenberg in the Kwajalein Missile Range.

Current U.S. Proposals Also Amend Nonexpiring Immigration Provisions

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The new INS proposals, which are supported by the US State Department's Negotiation team concerning Freely Associated States citizens future access to any US border, include:

1) Necessity for FAS visitors to carry a machine readable pasport;

2) FAS citizens must declare a specific purpose for their term of stay;

3) FAS children entering US for adoption would not be eligible to enter as non-immigrants;

4) Naturalized FAS citizens would not be eligible except with eligible spouse or as dependent;

5) The US Attorney General could limit FAS citizens stay in the US of beyond 6 months.

During the July 17, 2002 House Committee on Resources Hearing on the Compact of Free Association, Panel I, which included representatives from the Department of Defense, Office of Insular Affairs, the General Accounting Office as well as the US Compact Negotiator, was asked how the new INS proposed rules for FAS citizens would be applied. The Panel considered the new rules draft resolution and said that the INS had not published it yet. Whether or not the question was misunderstood or passed on without begin clarified, the question of the proposed legislation was answered in GAO's Managing Director International Affairs and Trade, Susan Westin, official written testimony.

LISTEN: Live Audio of Compact Hearing in Washington

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The Full Committee Oversight Hearing on: Compacts of Free Association - Click HERE to open up your Audio Live Stream connection.

SESSION IS NOW OVER. Hearing ended at 4:30 pm EST.

YOKWE ONLINE EDITORIAL: Whose Compact is It, Anyway?

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WHOSE COMPACT IS IT, ANYWAY -- The one with the mic?

It would seem that Guam, Northern Marianas, and Hawaii are not only taking front row seats at the current Compact Negotiations between the Freely Associated States and the US, but "sitting at the head table." Indeed, representatives from these "impact areas" have been holding the microphones. Yes, all have heard their complaints, loud and clear, in the press, from the Congress, and at the politician's podium. Ironically, the voices that should be heard, those from the Republic of the Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia, have not been heard as much by the public.

How many articles have appeared over the past six months, in the Pacific press, and even the international media, decrying how "limited resources of Guam, CNMI & Hawaii have been expended providing services" to regional immigrants? WE are OWED, they insist.

Welcome to the New Website! UPDATE

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Welcome to the new Yokwe Online!

We hope that you will find this new version easy to read and use. Please be patient as we complete the transition from the previous website. All of the same features are available here, plus many more. Access to the entire website is obtained by registering.

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Public Service Announcement: " Hearing on: Compacts of Free Association"

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The Full House Resource Committee will be holding a "Oversight Hearing on: Compacts of Free Association" on Wednesday, July 17, 2002. Live audio of meeting available.

Yokwe Online Special: Pentagon to Expand Investigation of Bio Weapons Tests in Pacific

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Pentagon to Expand Investigation of Bio Weapons Tests in Pacific

(Yokwe Online Report, July 11, 2002)
The US Defense Department announced Tuesday that it will be expanding its investigation into the Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD) tests to address possible health damage issues. Pentagon investigators will travel next month to the Deseret Test Center at Dugway, Utah to review records of chemical and biological weapons experiments conducted in the Pacific Ocean between 1963 and 1969 as part of supersecret Project 112. One of the tests, Experiment DTC-Test 68-50, was conducted in the Marshalls, disseminating an aerosolized toxin, staphylococcal enterotoxin, type B, over a 40-50 km downwind grid over Enewetak. The test probe expansion might assist the Marshalls in its quest for answers about the 1968 tests.

KNC: Relationship between Landowners & Their Lands

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The Special Relationship between Landowners and Their Lands in the Marshall Islands


At the most elementary level, the relationship of a Marshallese landowner to the land is typified by a condition characterized by Gray (1993: 5) as paradoxical. The landowner dignifies the land by his habitation of it on the one hand, and his utter dependence upon his physical environment for his survival on the other. The land becomes the landowner's base for the fulfillment of his material needs. To a certain extent, this initial treatment may be sufficient to satisfy the legal definition of landownership per se. However, at the deeper level in the specific context of the Marshall Islands, this viewpoint is considered simplistic and is a 'pale shadow' (ibid: 5) when examined against the much more deeply rooted and highly complex nature of land ownership in the country.

Click to read the entire report online: The Special Relationship between Landowners and Their Lands in the Marshall Islands

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