Marshallese Christmas 2010

On Christmas, Marshallese, those at home in the Marshall Islands and those living abroad, spent the day celebrating in a unique and heartwarming way. With exuberant, unbridled spirit, the Marshall Islanders shared their faith and the festivities with fellow community members who had gathered at churches or large halls. Choirs (jebtas), formed especially for the occasion, sang, danced, and threw out treats to the children. To keep those holiday memories alive, some of those happy celebrants have shared the special moments of their community's commemoration with Yokwe Online's worldwide audience.

Christmas 2010 at Arkansas (courtesy of Albious Latior)

  Christmas 2010 at Salem, Oregon (courtesy of Horgan Korok)

  Christmas 2010 at Dubuque, Iowa (courtesy of Maitha Jolet)

  Christmas 2010 at Keene, Texas (courtesy of Hamm Anitok)


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